HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) a Charitable Trust started its journey of services in 2014, the steering held by an IT Professional, Shri. Mahesh Parameswaran Nair working in a leading MNC in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. HOPE is credited of more than 1500 volunteers spread in the expanse of not only Kerala, but setting foot across several states of India. It was a vital thought which was soul stirring and initiating to many a souls who were on the same frequency, into service of mankind. Shri. Mahesh being the spine, pillar, base, anchor and the LIFE of HOPE, works for the downtrodden 24x7.


To harbor, Social and Environmental responsibility, curb begging, enhance women empowerment, be the shelter for poor, sick and destitutes, educate masses on social atrocities and aid less previleged children reach higher levels of education. To ignite few minds which are soul stirring and thus initiate many good hearts who are on similar frequency towards service of humanity and mankind.


To create a socially responsible community of individuals, groups, Institutions, working firms or Organizations (Governmental or Non-Governmental) interested to serve humanity and thus contributing towards nation building process and welfare of society.

What We Care For!

Slum adoption

HOPE had adopted a small colony in Thiruvananthapuram district near to the shores of much polluted Parvathy puthanaar river and adjacent to a sewage treatment plant. The community over here is deprived of basic necessities like shelter, nutritious foods, proper education, job, fresh drinking water, or road transportation facilities and medical treatments. We team HOPE did our best to construct 3 shelters, provide educational supports, medical camps, self employment opportunities to women, and establish water/ road connections here. Our team often visits this colony once in a week to hear their problems and to work on remedies.

Disaster Relief aids

HOPE has good network of committed volunteers across the country who actively involve with various social issues or crisis. Hence we were key contributors during 2018, 2019 Kerala Floods and 2020 CORONA pandemic times also. Service is our motto how bad the situations or conditions are.

Door step services

Often food gets wasted after a family function or office meetings or private parties. Never be reluctant to dial us if so. We collect these foods from your doorstep to serve hungry stomachs. We also collect reading books, used cloths, toys, medicines and all kind of items which you feel is useless. Because the items we consider useless might become helpful for someone and HOPE is just a bridge between the needy and the donor.

Creating Change Agents

All big changes takes time and effort. Each change must first trigger from within and hence HOPE provides a perfect platform for all change agents or institutions who wish to bring some positive change in society. Our network of friends circle enables us to attend a case and study it well and work towards issue resolution. We accept fresh ideas and strong legs and aims at creating a community of such aspirant social reformers through seminars, internship and volunteering programs.

Medical Aids

We live in a fast world and everyone is busy running to meet both ends of life. In such a situation is quite natural we fall ill or injured and the treatment costs too had become miserably high for common people to afford or avail. HOPE has assisted many such families with medical equipments/aids and medicines. We collect left over unexpired medicines or medical equipments so that, it could be handed over to another poor patient who can’t afford buying a new one for self or to his family.

Preserve our nature

Past few years we all had seen or experienced many natural calamities like floods, Earth quakes, Global warming, Cyclones and much more dangerous situations like CORONA virus due to which entire world was put to shutdown. We humans forgot to preserve our ecological balances and Karma is hitting us back. At HOPE we give importance to such initiatives for a better world and future.



” Charity is not just donation of money for a cause, but also sharing of knowledge to those who lack basic education. It’s about devoting your time to those who need some care and attention. It’s also a miracle where you gift life by donating blood. It’s all about buying happiness by just sharing happiness. “

Mahesh Parameswaran Nair
Founder – HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends)