Story of 47 year old mentally challenged Peter and his 68 year old mother, who herself is a heart patient along with asthmatic health problems – By Mahesh Parameswaran Nair (Founder of HOPE – Hold On Pain Ends) dated 29th October 2020.

Peter and his mother stay in a small space covered and temporarily protected with a tarpaulin sheet which we placed few months back to save the family from sun and rain. Once Peter murmured something anxiously to me in action. Out of curiosity I checked his mother what he was trying to convey. As per him mother, a snake fallen from top of the roof to the floor space where they all sleep. They cook and sleep at a small space, along with few kittens and a puppy which they discovered at their premises with an injured leg. Peter and his mother may not have, but still share their little to these silent kittens or puppy too. We felt that Greatness and Humanity still exists under the shades of such huts. HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) is supplying necessary materials and aids to this family for past 3.5 years continously. They are still short of around 2 lakhs INR for a stable strong house !!!Still there are many such families (diseased, single moms, physically or mentally challenged) who suffer a lot to meet daily requirements of life. We link you with such most deserving categories. We cannot change entire world, but together we can improve the living standards of many families, thus making this world a better place to live in.

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