Age is just a number- Story of 96 year old Sarawathy Amma by Mahesh Parameswaran Nair (Founder HOPE – Hold On Pain Ends)

This 96 year old lady was found selling hand made brooms at streets of Chalai Market. Whether its rain or sun, she travels all alone from Balaramapuram till Chalai market (30kms to and fro) along with her self made brooms for sale at market inorder to pay her house rents and buy food and medicines. Being a mother to 4 daughters had no benefits to this old aged lady. But Sarawathy amma have no complaints nor regrets. The smile in her face itself tells it all. She thank GOD for the strength enough to stand, walk and work even at this age. While moving out from the market I handed over Rs.1000 to her hand for paying this months home rent. She managed to arrange few vegetables also from someone. Any good hearts willing to support Sarawathy Amma with monthly rent/food/medicine expenses ( Rs.2500/month ) may contact us.

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